Teaching Through a Pandemic

    “Mask over your nose, please!” –My new catchphrase, used constantly while teaching during this darn pandemic.   In my mind, the shelter-in-place order was the real “start” of the pandemic, in that, that’s when it actually became very, very real to me. The small private school I work at was fortunate enough to reopen two months after the shelter-in-place order took effect, but everything was different and everything was shrouded in fear and anxiety.    It was always part of my job to provide a safe environment for my children, but now I was faced with the challenge of providing safety from a virus I didn’t completely understand and that everyone in the world was still learning about...

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How to Raise Creatively Courageous Kids

  Creativity has been a misunderstood and overlooked skill for decades because many of us associate creativity with artistic endeavors. It’s often assumed that creativity is a special skill that “creatives” like painters or designers have and the rest of us just don’t have it.  That is actually not true. Creativity is something we were all born with. Creative courage is necessary for any job that requires problem solving, innovation, and leadership. In the Jobs of the Future Report published by the World Economic Forum in 2020, creativity, originality and initiative, is once again one of the top 10 skills of the future.   As technological advances become more pervasive in our daily lives and more of the repetitive work we...

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