What is Petit Eggy? Petit Eggy is a made up word combination between the French word "petit" (little) and the Korean word "eggy" 애기 (baby).

My name is Cathy and I picked this endearing term because of my family's heritage. I am Korean American and my son is Korean/French. Therefore, the mixed word Petit Eggy seemed fitting for my multi-cultural family. As a mother, it was difficult to find clothes for my son that were stylish and functional without harmful chemicals.

 Safe and functional clothing were not the only things on top of my mind but also bringing in the comfiness from Korean apparel and the distinct style from French fashion were important. It was frustrating that I couldn't find this in the US. Hence Petit Eggy was born. It is a blend of our Korean and French culture which I wanted to share with other families. All of our items are from Korea with several limited editions from France. Each item has been selected with care and attention to detail.

I sincerely hope that through our support, Petit Eggy will empower you to make the best decisions for your little ones - whether it is by browsing through our curated items or reading our blog "Petit Journal".